G-Rep, our latest model G-force replicating motion simulator, straps onto your racing seat & simulates both lateral and longitudinal g-forces that you feel while driving a moving vehicle. It applies variable torque levels of up to 25 ft-lbs on your body in relationship to g-force telemetry that can be retrieved from many sim racing game titles. If a sim racing game works with typical 2dof to 6dof motion simulators, it will work with G-Rep also (if game provides g-forces). The problem with those types of motion simulators though is they are incapable of replicating sustaining g-forces although that is what adds the most realism and immersion to the sim racing experience. Not having g-force replication is like sim racing without a force-feedback steering wheel.
G-Rep solves this problem by simulating g-forces directly on your head so they can be realistically replicated in a lifelike manor, with strong torque, and throughout entire cornering, deceleration, and acceleration events. Also, since they are applied on your head, you will naturally stiffen your neck in order to resist them. Forces then move your torso also and pushes your rib cage into the sides of the seat and your chest into the seat belts or your back into the seat. Therefore, G-Rep functions like a G-seat too, but without pushing your torso in the wrong direction like typical g-seats. G-Rep can also simulate the roads surface by injecting pitch, roll, and heave telemetry into the mix if you wish. Therefore, when your virtual body is shaking around in the cockpit, your real body will be feeling it too.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator
Deceleration/Braking G's applied here
Quick Connects for fast insertion and removal of VR headsets
Right cornering G's applied here, Left on opposite side
VR headsets are placed over this steel stabilizer Speaker cutouts below
Acceleration G's applied here (behind cover)
Power supply, motor controllers, actuator motors and microcontroller stored undernieth cover
Memory foam back support positions body forwards for better acceleration forces



Go buy a G-Rep if you have any desire to simulate sustained g-forces. It's insanely immersive and addicting.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

I've owned a GS-5 g-seat and G-Belt and have also run transducers in the past. If I had to pick just one device, and sell the rest, I would pick G-Rep.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

So, what does G-Rep feel like? Well, in short, it feels amazing! The forces feel immediate, consistent, powerful, and smooth.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Having forces applied to my head that I then need to resist against feels so perfectly natural.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Probably the Best Motion Device You Can Purchase for Sim Racing

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

The main reason I felt compelled to write this review is because I've owned (and still own) several different motion devices, but G-Rep is the most convincing/realistic of them all.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator


Use with Single or Multiple Monitors

VR Compatible with Reverb G2, Odyssey+, and like types

Motion Compensation is not required

Reduces or eliminates VR motion sickness

Straps onto your racing seat (see FAQ)

Surge and sway g-forces to 25 ft lbs. torque (apx. 2.5G)

Allows right and left head rotation

Smooth running drive mechanisms

Headgear adjusts to fit your head perfectly

Headgear same weight as a helmet

Quiet Operation

G-skull's total weight is only 32lbs

110 vac (US plug)

Also provides similar function of a G-seat

Feel each gear change

Advanced filtering when using FlyPT Mover

Hood and headgear tilts up out of way

Wind simulation output is included for free.

G-Rep Top View

G-Rep Front View

VR Compatible


Our app, Cranium, connects to your favorite game titles telemetry through popular telemetry extraction apps such as FlyPT Mover and Simtools (not included) and then uses the data to drive G-Rep’s torque generating actuators.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Connect Device

Install our Cranium app and FlyPT Mover and/or Simtools apps on your PC. Follow our instructions to configure each extraction app so that it can communicate with Cranium.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Configure It

Depending on the extraction app and game title being used, patching of the game or insertion of a .dll into a file may be required before it can export telemetry. You also will need to setup baseline tuning amounts in the extraction app that Cranium will use to base its tuning settings off of.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Go Racing

Once you have baseline tuning setup in the extraction app you use Cranium to individually fine tune each car to perfection and then to save and reload your personal settings.


Got questions? If you have other questions feel free to send us an email using our contact form at the bottom of this page.

What are G-rep's dimensions?

The dimensions of G-Rep are 48 inches in width and 42 inches in length. You’ll likely need additional clearance on one side for accessing your seat. If you can access it from the front however, you may be able to get into your seat without needing additional space.

Will my VR headset Work?

G-Rep was designed to work with some VR headsets. As of now, we can confirm that HP’s Reverb2 and Samsungs Odyssey + is compatible. We expect other like type headsets will work also that have head straps like the Reverb2 where a single strap go’s over the middle of your head from front to back. However, while G-Rep’s headgear has cutouts that allow the use of the built in speakers on the Reverb2 and Odyssey +, other headsets built in speakers may not have enough clearance.

Will it fit my Head?

G-Rep’s headgear was carefully designed to be adjustable in every way in order to fit your head perfectly and comfortably. This is especially important when using VR headsets since good fitting headgear is essential in keeping them stable so they keep in the “sweet spot”.

Is any assembly required?

Yes, some assembly is required.  Due to its size, it would be very expensive to ship G-Rep in one piece.  Therefore, your G-Rep will arrive in two separate boxes.  This allows us to ship it as inexpensively as possible and also keep assembly as light as possible.

Will it work on my racing seat?

We used a reclinable “universal” racing seat when we engineered G-Rep.  However, universal seats are not all the same.  There is an example below of the seat we use and we recommend a seat of similar style.  Most important is when seated, the top of your head is not more than 2″ above the top of the headrest or G-Rep becomes less stable since it has to be positioned higher on the seat.  Ideally, the top of your head will fall below the top of the headrest by 2″ to 3″ (see image below). Also, the ability to recline your seat slightly will probably be necessary in order to allow more room for your head to move backwards for acceleration replication.  Included is a memory foam support that is used behind your back to reposition your body forwards again to is usual position.

What hardware do I need to use free wind simulation?

You will need to provide a standard fan that uses either 12 or 24 vdc.  Brushless fans are not supported.  Nautical bilge blowers are often used since they usually output a good amount of air.  You will also need a motor controller and a power supply of your fans voltage to operate your fan.

How do I attach G-Rep to my racing seat?

We include four straps with locking clasps that you use to secure G-Rep onto your racing seat.  G-Rep uses a “riser assembly” that is placed on the front of your seat but behind your back, that consists of two pieces of 1/2 square steel tubing that run vertically along the right and left sides of your shoulders and upper back.  A strap is then wrapped around each side of the riser and then wrapped around the backside of your seat where it is cinched down tightly.  Generally speaking, one strap goes behind your head and around the back of your headrest.  A second strap attaches at the bottom of the riser and wraps around the back.  And usually only one more strap is needed in the middle that wraps around behind the seat belt cut outs. However, a fourth strap is included because sometimes it’s not possible to use a single strap between the belt cutouts and you need a strap for each side.

How do I install and activate the Cranium app?

Installation of our Cranium app is pretty straight forward since we use an installer that takes care of the entire process for you.  When you run Cranium the first time you will be confronted with a flash screen asking you to register it.  It will also show you an Id number for your PC.  Before you can register you need to email us your Id number along with your name and customer order number to activate@g-skull.com. Then, usually within 24 hours but sooner if possible, we will send you a key to register. 

If you move the installation to another computer or drive in the future, you will need to resubmit your Id number etc. and ask for a new key. Your first replacement key request is always granted. Later requests require an explanation why you need one and are evaluated for merit but are usually granted, especially when extended periods of time has passed since your last request.

Can I use G-Rep with my 2 to 6 dof motion simulator?

Often you can use G-Rep with other types of motion simulators since forces are applied on your body differently and usually one doesn’t interfere with the physical operation of the other.  However, motion devices with heave settings that exhibits strong vibrations in particular can be a problem because G-Rep doesn’t have much clearance between the top of your head and its overhead running mechanisms.  Also using heave settings such at that would likely require the use of motion compensation when using VR headsets where G-Rep used on its own does not.

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Universal Racing Seat

G-Rep works best when the top of your head is within 3" below to 2" above the top of the seat's headrest when seated. The headrest should protrude upwards a minimum of 4" from the seat also so an attachment strap can be secured behind it with it slipping off. Usually three to four straps, included, are used to hold G-Rep securely onto your seat. G-Rep is designed for inside seat widths of 10" to 14". And while not required, seat belts should be used with G-Rep to receive full immersive effects when cornering, deceleration and braking. (More information in FAQ section)

works with these game titles

Supported by

*Support subject to change*

G-skull Replicator G-force Replicating Motion Simulator

Cranium™ App

Cranium™ is our simple to use but effective app that connects with FlyPT Mover and Simtools and with G-Rep's onboard controller. You only need to set up FlyPT Mover or Simtools one time with baseline tuning settings for each game title. From there Cranium takes control and lets you adjust gain and clip values for each g-force individually so you can precisely dial in the depth of forces replicated for every type of vehicle to your satisfaction. Then you can easily save and reload your settings. Save by game title, vehicle, and an additional field of your choosing; for example by track, by user, etc.