G-skull™ is a type of motion simulator that applies varying but sustained simulated g-forces directly upon the driver's head throughout turns and while decelerating as much as 3G's or 30 lbs of torque. Their head will also snap backwards when accelerating and forwards during gear shifts. When g-forces are resisted by stiffening their neck, torque is converted into movement of their torso throwing their rib cage into the sides of the racing seat and their chest into the seat belt just like in real life. The result is the types of false cues normally exhibited by typical motion simulators is not present. G-skull™ is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets HP Reverb G2, Samsung Odyssey +, and should work with other VR HMD's having similar oval display housings and strap systems. Our Halo-Gear™ is designed to stabilize a VR headset on the driver's head so it stays in ``the sweet spot`` and offers 150-degrees horizontal rotation allowing them to easily look in mirrors and around them to see where the competition is. Putting Bass Shakers on their racing seat adds even more realism to their immersive racing experience and G-skull™ can also often be used in conjunction with typical sim racing motion simulators such as those that provide pitch and roll motion for example.

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator
Skull-Wind (OPTIONAL)
Right turn G's up to 30 ft/lbs torque
Left turn G's up to 30 ft/lbs torque
Chin strap
Bottom attachment strap
Middle attachment strap
Acceleration G's cueing
Middle attachment strap
Top attachment strap (Behind headset)
Clearence for headset built-in speakers or ear buds
Foam backrest
Racing seat (NOT INCLUDED)
AC Power cord & USB cables
Seat belts (NOT INCLUDED)
Total weight is only 32lbs
Halo-Gear™ diameter adjuster (in back)
Emergency stop switch (not shown)
Deceleration G's up to 30 ft/lbs torque
150° Halo-Gear™ smooth horizontal head rotation


G-skull’s app called Cranium™ connects to your favorite game titles telemetry through popular telemetry extraction apps such as FlyPT Mover and Simtools (not included) and then uses the data to drive G-skull’s torque generating actuators.


G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Connect Device

Install our Cranium™ app and your favorite telemetry extraction app on your PC. Follow our directions to configure the extraction app so that it can communicate with Cranium™.

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Configure it

Depending on the extraction app and game title, patching of the game may be required before use. Baseline tuning of the motion in your extraction app may also be necessary to obtain the results you want.

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Go Racing

Once you have a baseline tune completed in the extraction app you can then use Cranium™ to easily individually fine tune each car to your satisfaction and then save and reload the settings.


Straps onto universal type racing seats (see FAQ)

VR Compatible with Reverb G2, Odyssey+, and like types

Reduces or eliminates VR motion sickness issues

Optional in-your-face wind simulation available

Experience as much as 3g's or 30 lbs. of torque

150° horizontal head rotation

Little if any noticeable motor cogging

Low power consumption

Low noise


Headgear with a VR headset same weight as a helmet

G-skull's total weight is only 32lbs and well balanced

110vac or 230vac input (includes US plug type)

Acceleration cueing snaps head backwards, gear shifts lunges head forwards

Our Cranium app features RoadFeel™ that adds in road surface feedback so you continue feeling effects of g-forces even when driving in a straight line

Our Cranium™ app makes it easy to fine tune each vehicle then save and recall your custom settings. You can also have multiple settings for same vehicle

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Skull-Wind ™

Our optional wind simulation for G-skull™ further increases immersion by allowing the driver to experience open cockpit racing at its finest, with wind in their face. Immersion is increased even in closed cockpits because changes in wind velocity helps the driver judge what his speed is relatively. And when sim racing on hot summer days who wouldn’t like to have some wind in their face regardless?


Got questions? If you have other questions feel free to send us an email using our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Why do you need my head's width?

G-skull's Halo-Gear™ is custom fitted to the width of your head in order to provide the best VR experience possible when you're behind the wheel. We need a measurement of the width just above your ears at its widest point. We don't need its diameter because Halo-Gear™ has an adjuster for this. A snug but comfortable fit of your Halo-Gear™ is necessary to provide a stable platform for your VR headset so your eyes stay in "the sweet spot" when you're resisting strong G-forces.

How do I measure my head?

If you have a 3d printer you can print these calipers. Once adjusted to your head's width measure between the end points. If you can't do that or want to save time you will have to compromise. One method would be putting your head between two cabinet doors that close in on each other and having someone measure the distance between them for example. Once you have the width measured, look at the table below to find your size and make note of it. At some point after you place your order, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided when you made your purchase, and request that you send us your Size Letter Code. Size A 14.0 to 14.4 cm | Size B 14.4 to 14.8 cm | Size C 14.8 to 15.2 cm | Size D 15.2 to 15.6 cm | Size E 15.6 to 16.0 cm | Size F 16.0 to 16.4 cm |

How much space do I need?

The dimensions of G-skull™ are 48 inches in width and 44 1/2 inches in length without Skull-Wind™ and 48 inches in width and 51 1/2 inches in length with Skull-Wind™. Also you'll need clearance on one side for accessing your seat. If you can access it from the front however you may be able get into your seat without additional space. If you are using G-skull™ with a motion simulator and other devices, then you need to also account for their space requirements of course.

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Universal Racing Seat

For G-skull to work best on your racing seat and with your body height, the top of your head should be within 2" below to 3" above the top of your seat's headrest when seated. The headrest should protrude upwards a minimum of 4" from the seat also so an attachment strap can be secured behind it. Up to six included attachment straps are used to install G-skull securely to your seat. G-skull™ is designed for an inside seat width of 10" to 14". The sides of the seat should be flared so your ribs are pushed into them when making turns. And seat belts should be used with G-skull™ to receive the full immersive effects of deceleration and braking.

works with these game titles

Supported by

*Support subject to change*

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Cranium™ App

Cranium™ is our simple to use but effective interface between FlyPT Mover or Simtools and your G-skull™ hardware and its electronic components. First you setup your extraction app per our instructions and find a baseline tune that suits you. From there you can use Cranium™ to adjust gain and clip values for each degree-of-freedom separately in order to dial in each individual vehicle to your satisfaction and then to save and reload your settings. Save by game title, vehicle, and an additional field that can include anything you can think of; for example by track, by user, . . . . . or you can also use "None".


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Hello. I realized the necessity for G-skull™ after several years of building different alterations of motion simulators mainly for sim racing but was still left yearning for a better, more complete, and more immersive experience than what I was getting from a motion simulator, g-seat, transducers, driving peripherals and a VR headset. So I'm very excited to be able to now share with you an elevated and more satisfying VR Sim Racing experience that is, ``SUSTAINED G-FORCES SIM RACING``

G-skull Continuous G-force Motion Simulator

Bryan Herbaugh




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